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West Bretton Meeting Minutes Archive

West Bretton Village Cricket Club has come a long way since the reformation of the Club in 1946 (in the aftermath of the Second World War). We now, it can be argued, exist fairly comfortably - and can afford to upgrade existing or add new facilities on a yearly basis. But it wasn't always like that..... 


Only certain meetings have been included in the following history trail.

It was felt, as at 1.1.2009, to act with discretion and place a 10 year 'covenant of privacy / statute of limitation' over the publishing of meeting details regarding the Club's activities etc. This would mean, of course, that during 2009 only minutes dated up to 1999 would be published (if to hand) and so on each year. This may change in due course. 

22.3.46 General Meeting 

18 members present. Chairman FW Middleton. Enough support was evident to enable reformation of WBCC to officially take place. Inventory of remaining equipment would occur. Scoreboard, Umpires coats, bails, scoring numbers, matting and net would have to be replaced or repaired. The 'Petroleum Board' would be approached - reference the supply of petrol for the mower. J Smith was authorised to mow the outfield (for 5 shillings) and WT Lund would undertake the duty of Groundsman. Subscription 5 shillings per player. The Military Authorities to be approached for permission to hold a dance in the Village Institute. Committee and Officials appointed were... President Lord Allendale, Chairman FW Middleton, Secretary J Smith, Treasurer C Wilkinson, Committee W Lund, F Smith, L Lund, A Lee, J Rowe and J Bowes. Captain FW Middleton and Vice Captain W Lund. The ' Wakefield Express' were to be approached to advertise for fixtures for the coming 1946 season. 

26.3.46 Committee Meeting 

'All present'. Permission had been given for the dance (admission 2 shillings). A Ellis was elected to the Committee - with J Miller. A Mr Court was to act as go between with the Club and Viscount Allendale as to the future of the Club and ground. The following were invited to become Vice Presidents of the Club... the Hon Wentworth Beaumont, a Mr Phillips, Colonel Taylor, FW Middleton, J Hoyland, Dr JM Anderson, J Barker and GA Mitchell. The cost of the advert in the 'WP' was £1.0s.5d. 

9.4.46 Committee Meeting 

7 present. A Whist Drive and Dance would be held on 18.4.46 in the Memorial Institute. The 'Rythmic Revellers' Dance Band were to be employed at £6. Secretary to arrange Whist Tables and Cards. Cricket pavilion and cricketing equipment were inspected on 31.3.46 - pads only to be repaired. The Military Authorities were to repair the scorebox and all electric fixtures and would make a donation to the Club. Mr Court advised that the Allendale Estate was considering the future of the club and would notify him shortly. A Miss Perry was to be approached regarding paint needed for the pavilion plus the removal of two trees positioned either side of it. All Vice Presidents to be approached regarding subscriptions. E Bowman to do some rolling on the wicket and ground. A permit arrived from the Yorkshire Cricket Federation for some cricket gear. 

12.3.47 Annual General Meeting 

A 'fairly good' attendance present. S Bowes was appointed Club Treasurer. Captain... W Lund, Vice Captain... FW Middleton. The Club was to 'lease' the ground from the Allendale Estate - made out in the name of FW Middleton - but he was to be exonerated from having full responsibility of the terms. Fixtures to be arranged for Saturdays and Evenings only. Some new equipment was to be purchased. The Club would write to Viscount Allendale to see if he could give any idea when the Bretton Institute could be 'released' to help the Club with fund raising. Yearly subscriptions were set at 5 shillings per member for 1947. 

5.2.48 Annual General Meeting 

A 'Poor' attendance present. It was too late to join a league therefore it would be friendly matches again for the coming season (1948). A poor financial situation was announced. Officials appointed... President Viscount Allendale, Vice Presidents... Major Phillips, FW Middleton, Colonel Taylor, J Barker, J Hoyland, GA Mitchell, Mr Turner and Mr Bowman (senior). Treasurer S Bowes, Chairman FW Middleton, Secretary G Smith, Captain W Lund and Vice Captain S Bowes. An 'effort' was needed to get the ground into shape for the coming season. Thanks were given to Mr Mottam for Auditing the Club Accounts.

12.7.48 General Meeting 

A 'fairly good' attendance present. The meeting was mainly about 'certain difficulties existing between members'. A vote of confidence in the Committee was taken. W Lund resigned the captaincy - F Gale would take over. The Selection Committee resigned en masse. The new Selection Committee was... G Miller, F Smith and F Depledge. 

16.11.48 General Meeting 

16 present. A new Management Committee was formed as follows..FW Middleton, Major Phillips, S Miller, F Depledge, S Breeze, E Rhodes, W Lund and J Earnshaw. New Secretary..W Ellis. A new Selection Committee also formed. New Captain S Bowes, Vice Captain F Gale. A profit of £5 was made in 1948. For 1949 it was decided to enter the Wakefield and District League plus have some friendlies as well. The Club would pay two groundsmen £5 for the year. Subscription was raised to 6s.6d. 

4.4.49 Annual General Meeting 

A 'poor attendance'. Thanks were given to all who had organised the dance. A profit of £12.12s.0d was made in 1948. The Club had £31.0s.3d in the bank. Evening fixtures were to be sought. Another dance was to be held on 6.6. 6.3.50 Annual General Meeting Officials appointed were as follows.. Chairman FW Middleton, Committee W Lund, E Creighton, J Earnshaw, L Lund, G Smith, J Breeze, D Green, G Robeson, E Whittingham, G Whitehead and a Mr Bottomley. Treasurer L Lund, League Representative E Creighton and Secretary S Earnshaw. G Robeson was to tend to the cricket square.

5.3.51 Annual General Meeting 

15 present. Officials elected.. First team captain L Lund, Vice Captain J Earnshaw. Second Team Captain E Jear, Vice Captain J Clough. It was agreed to take out two Insurance Policies (both with Eagle Star Insurance Ltd). Bretton Hall CC would be offered the ground to play on from time to time - in exchange for their gardener tending to the cricket square. For 1951 - Tuesday evenings for practice, mid week games to be on Wednesdays and friendly games on Sundays. Club members were to meet at the ground on 11.3. to get things ready for the season.

10.10.51 General Meeting 

The Club had now been accepted as members of the Huddersfield Central League (for 1952). The previous season the First team had won a trophy whilst in the Wakefield Union League. This was to be presented at a dance to be held on 9.11. A 'preliminary' loss of £14 was made on the 1951 season. A dance would be held on 19.10. 

11.2.52 Annual General Meeting 

A dance was to be held on 14.3. Club Officials appointed were.. Chairman FW Middleton, General Committee C Wilcock, G Robeson, W Lund, P Coatsworth, M Ellis, G Sharp, J Breeze and J Earnshaw. Also.. Treasurer L Lund, League Representative E Whittingham, Secretary P Coatsworth, First team Captain L Lund, First team Vice Captain T Hemsworth, Second team Captain S Earnshaw, Second team Vice Captain E Jear. Plus.. Selection Committee C Wilcock, E Rhodes, J Rowe, M Ellis and J Beanland. The Club Umpire was E Ridsdale.

13.3.52 Committee Meeting 

It was annonunced that the cricket field would probably be sold by the Allendale Estates - and that the Club ought to buy it - if it was at a reasonable price. The Club had £34.0s.3d in hand. Four League Dinner Tickets had to be paid for shortly. The subscription fee was raised to 7s.6d. There were still difficulties in transportation to away matches - a problem not yet resolved despite players promising to help. The current Insurance Policy was to be renewed. 

6.10.52 General Meeting 

15 present. Two dances were arranged to take place during the winter (28.11. and 19.12.). 3 new bats were to be purchased. A dinner was arranged for 5.12.52 at the White Horse, Emley. Viscount Allendale had said that he cannot lower the price of the field any more - but that if the Club were to open a fund for said purchase then he would gladly contribute. He would also oppose anyone else buying the field (other than WBCC). 

24.2.53 Annual General Meeting 8 present. A slight loss (combined) was made on all 3 winter functions - so it was discussed whether to continue with them or not. Officials appointed were.. Chairman FW Middleton, League Representative E Whittingham, Treasurer L Lund, Secretary D Green, 1st team Captain J Earnshaw, Vice Captain L Lund, 2nd team Captain S Earnshaw, Vice Captain G Roberts. The General Committee was.. E Whittingham, L Lund, D Green, J Earnshaw, S Earnshaw, G Roberts, T Roberts, W Lund, M Ellis, T Clough, J Oddie and G Sharp. W Lund (as groundsman) said he needed some help with the wicket and outfield. 

27.11.53 General Meeting 

26 present. Club dances etc were to be discontinued (due to poor attendances and little income for the Club). Club officials appointed saw changes as follows - new league representatives.. S Earnshaw and M Ellis, new Secretary W Lund, 1st team Captain L Lund, Vice Captain G Brown, 2nd team Captain G Sharp, Vice Captain F Clough.

15.3.54 Annual General Meeting 

7 present. A profit of £22.5s.8d was made during 1953. This years League Dinner was to be on 19.3. The Club were to pay half of the cost of each ticket. It was agreed to hire out the ground for £2 - on Wednesday evenings - and it was to be advertised accordingly in local newspapers. FW Middleton again suggested that the Club buy the ground from the Allendale Estates for the £400 asking price. Messrs Middleton and Oddie were prepared to loan the club the money involved and to act as Trustees of the Club.

26.11.54 General Meeting 

21 present. The Club had £125 in the bank. The purchase of the ground was concluded. WM Oddie was to acquire the 'orchard triangle ' of land bordering the ground (at a value of £99). WBCC were to acquire the cricket field and pavilion etc at a price of £313 (plus legal charges). Payment of same was to be made to messrs Oddie and Middleton - by means of a downpayment of at least £50 - plus £25 per year over a ten year (or less) period. They were not to charge any interest to the Club regarding this transaction. If for any reason WBCC no longer required the completion of the purchase then messrs Oddie and Middleton were to return all monies already paid. Finally, after completion of the purchase the Club had agreed to offer messrs Oddie and Middleton first refusal to purchase the field etc (at not more than the original purchase price).

5.5.55 Annual General Meeting

12 present. Officials elected... Secretary W Lund, Treasurer L Lund, Committee W Lund, L Lund, M Ellis, J Beanland, J Earnshaw, S Earnshaw and T Clough. Also.. 1st Team Captain L Lund, Vice Captain W Lund, 2nd Team Captain B York, Vice Captain T Clough. League Representative S Earnshaw. Subscription was raised to 10 shillings. Another £46 (profit) was added to Building Society funds.

29.11.55 General Meeting 

6 present. The Club had been invited to join the Denby Grange League - but it was agreed to stay in the HCCL. £20 was accepted from the Bretton Flower Show Committee - to be held on the ground during the next summer (1956). The WBCC Dinner was to be held on 9.12. (in Emley as per usual).

9.12.55 General Meeting 

Club Trustees were to be newly appointed or re-instated.. FW Middleton, WM Oddie, G Richardson, L Lund and M Ellis. The new Club Auditor would be G Richardson.

17.4.56 Annual General Meeting 

12 present. The Bretton Flower Show was to be held on the ground on the 1.9. Officials elected for 1956.. President WM Oddie, Chairman FW Middleton, Secretary W Lund, Treasurer L Lund, Committee (same as 1955), 1st Team Captain L Lund, Vice Captain J Earnshaw, 2nd Team Captain J Clough, Vice Captain K Smith and League Representative S Earnshaw. Vice Presidents subscriptions were to be £1.1s.0d. Members subscriptions were still to be 10 shillings.

6.11.56 General Meeting 

7 present. The Club's annual dinner would be on 23.11. New turf was to be planted on to the wicket. A new concrete practice wicket was to be created shortly. The death of Lord Allendale was announced. He and his family had instigated a 'sports Club' in the Village all those years ago (pre First World War). That legacy was 'now a continuous work in progress' and would, it was hoped, last forever.

17.5.57 Annual General Meeting 

Officials were elected as per 1956 except as follows.. 1st Team Captain J Earnshaw, Vice Captain L Lund, 2nd Team Captain C Clegg, Vice Captain F Clough. There was £108 in the Club's account.

15.10.57 General Meeting 

The 1957 season was reviewed and it was decided, due to waning interest, that the Club could only manage just the one team for the coming season (1958). The HCCL was to be notified accordingly. S Earnshaw had purchased a second hand tractor - which would be employed on the cricket field to do various tasks (it cost £17.10s.0d)

30.5.58 Annual General Meeting 

Officials were elected as per previous year. Also, Captain S Earnshaw, Vice Captain J Earnshaw. £100 was present in the Barnsley Building and Land Society account. A friendly was to be played against Clayton West on 15.6. - proceeds to be in aid of the 'Bretton Memorial Institute'

14.4.59 Annual General Meeting

Officials were elected as per the previous year - including Vice Presidents FW Middleton, a Mr Freind and a Captain Noakes. Also Captain S Earnshaw and Vice Captain L Lund. J Earnshaw was to buy a motor roller (cost £50). Teas at matches - players would form a rota system.

7.3.60 Annual General Meeting 

11 present. Messrs Wylie and Mutch were to reconsider and alter the make up of the draft for the purchase of the cricket field etc. Their progress was to be noted at the next meeting. Payments made so far to messrs Oddie and Middleton from 1954 to 1959 (inclusive) had been £300.8s.6d - leaving a balance to pay of just £20. Officials appointed for 1960 were.. the same as last year plus.. Captain B York, Vice Captain C Earnshaw. A sub committee was selected to draw up a list of 'Club Rules to govern the Club'. A dance was to be held on 23.7. Members were to work on the ground pre season on 12.3 and 13.3

19.4.61 Annual General Meeting 

12 present. An agreement was made regarding the conveyance of the ground from messrs Oddie and Middleton to the WBCC. The 'Rules' sub committee had completed their task of putting together a set of Club Rules. A copy was given to all members. Officials appointed... President WM Oddie, Vice Presidents FW Middleton, Mr Freind, Mr Chatterton, Captain Noakes, W Earnshaw, J Earnshaw and S Earnshaw. Chairman was FW Middleton, Secretary W Lund, Treasurer L Lund, Auditor G Richardson, Solicitor I Wylie, League Representative B York, Captain C Earnshaw, Vice Captain T Roberts. Management and Selection Committee's as per the previous season. J Earnshaw was to draw plans and get quotes for the building of new Toilets plus a Garage plus tea room. Insurances held were to remain full 3rd party policies. £150 was present in the building society account. The 4 neccessary Trustees of the Club were voted in as follows.. J Beanland, W Lund, WM Oddie and FW Middleton.

8.4.62 Annual General Meeting

12 present. Permission had been granted by the Rural Council for the erection of the new toilets - to be carried out as soon as possible. Messrs Bentley and Shillito (masons) and C Wilkinson (joiner) were to undertake the work involved. All officials as per last season. Also Captain C Earnshaw with Vice Captain H Steele. The Club had £200 banked, plus £20 cash in hand. A dance would be held on 28.4. Members were to meet at the ground on 10.4. to do jobs etc. Tuesdays again to be practice night.

17.4.63 Annual General Meeting 

12 present. The Club had £200 in a Share account plus £22 in a Loan account. It had debts of £55 still to be paid. A dance would be held on 27.4. Prizes would include a coffee table, a box of chocolates plus a bottle of wine. New Vice Presidents welcomed were R Smith and F Harris. All other officials remained the same as last season. The Club had applied to become registered as a charity (with the Commission of Charities) but had been turned down. Rates payable on the field were now £17 per year (up from £10 the previous year). FW Middleton, as a member of the Council, would try to gain relief from this rateable amount if he could do so. Insurance would now be a full comprehensive policy (with the Sun Insurance Company) and include protection against fire.

13.4.64 Annual General Meeting 

15 present. Approx £200 was in the Building Society account. Officials elected were as before. Captain was K Taylor, Vice Captain C Earnshaw. The full Insurance policy to be taken out by the Club was to cost £6.19s.3d per year. A tea lady was to be sought. It was decided not to buy any new balls from the Huddersfield CCL for the coming season

29.3.65 Annual General Meeting 

13 present. £200 was in the building society account - plus £60 cash in hand. Players were to pay 1 shilling per game in the coming season. Officials remained the same, plus.. Captain C Earnshaw, Vice Captain D Miller. Also new Vice Presidents were as follows.. F Hoyland, W Bowler and E Tattersfield. The Pavilion veranda was to be repaired as soon as possible.

18.4.66 Annual General Meeting 

13 present. The Financial position was 'very similar' to last season. 50 fixture cards were to be created (ref 1966) and distributed to members etc. Officials were as per the previous season. Also a Mr Chatterton was welcomed as a new Vice President. Tea facilities (in the form of a hut) had now been agreed by the Council and erection of a building could go ahead. A new bank account was to be opened at the National and Provincial Bank.

6.4.67 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. The Club was in a 'satisfactory' financial position. Officials were to be the same as last season. Also D Townsend, H Ellis and J Earnshaw were added to the list of Vice Presidents. Captain was D Miller and Vice Captain K Hewson. A Mrs Jackson was to help Miss Miller with the teas for 1967. The new Tea Pavilion was now complete and a Calor Gas boiler plus fittings from 'Eastwoods' were to be purchased shortly. New Club bag plus balls and pads were also to be purchased for the new season. The Club would join the midweek 'Higham Knockout competition' for 1967. Members to sort out the ground on 8.4.

17.4.68 Annual General Meeting 

13 present. Officials elected were the same as the previous season plus.. Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain C Sharp. Also a Colonel Kaye joined as a Vice President. Teas to cost 2 shillings in 1968. The Club decided to insure the new tea hut plus implement shed. It's Financial position was 'about the same' as last years and deemed satisfactory. It was agreed to meet with the NCB to try to sort out the subsidence problem.

24.4.69 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. Officials - were the same as last season. The Club Umpire - G Goodman - was given more money towards his match day expenses, making £1.2s.6d per match. Practice was now to be held on Wednesdays. The Club dinner was to be held on 5.12. A 'very satisfactory' balance in the club accounts.

27.4.70 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. All Officials were to remain the same. Also D Richardson would replace T Jackson on the Committee (who had died very recently). Thanks were given for all his work at the Club - which would also send representation to his funeral. A 'satisfactory' statement of accounts was issued. Practice would be held on Thursday evenings. Members were to make and sell teas themselves during the coming season. Miss Miller was thanked for all the teas she had prepared over the years.

27.5.70 Committee Meeting 

8 present. The recent meeting(s) between WM Oddie and the NCB had finally resulted in a lump sum award of £1250 - towards the cost of correcting the outward signs of subsidence present on the field. Bingley Research had inspected the wicket etc and plans were now afoot to improve the whole square. The Club would write to suitable contractors (recommended by them).

date unknown Committee Meeting 

6 present. The Bingley Research plan concerning the whole square was agreed and tenders had been invited for the neccessary work. Trench work, draining, hardcore, top soil, sub soil, fertilisation plus renewed turf relaying were all to be involved. The best quote, and accepted, was from a Mr Lodge of Emley Moor (£696.10s.0d). If his work was satisfactory he would then be contracted to improve the outfield accordingly.

19.4.71 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. The bank account 'details' were voted 'very satisfactory'. Officials elected were.. President WM Oddie, Chairman FW Middleton, Vice Presidents F Hoyland, F Harris, C Russell-Smith, Doctor P Davies, J Heathcote, H Ellis and a Mr Chatterton. The Management Committee was WM Oddie, FW Middleton, L Lund, W Lund, J Beanland, G Richardson, D Richardson, K Hewson, C Sharp, R Hoyland and J Berrie. Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain C Sharp, Secretary W Lund, Treasurer L Lund, Auditor G Richardson and Umpire B Carter. Teas had been very satisfactory - with Mrs Hewson and Mrs Sharp doing 'good work'.

28.4.72 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. Subscriptions were increased from 50p to £1. Officials elected.. were the same as last year plus P Cotterill was added to the list of Vice Presidents. N Senior added to the Management Committee. Captain J Lund, Vice Captain D Richardson. New gas cylinders were to be purchased. The tea ladies (Mrs Hewson and Mrs Sharp) were to continue doing them in 1972.

19.4.73 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. Progress of the Club was deemed 'satisfactory'. The Balance Sheet was a 'good' one. Officials were as per the previous AGM. A fielding prize was to be given each year by the Club to the 'best fielder'

1.4.74 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. £200 was in the Barnsley Building Society and £192 in the Westminster Bank. It was suggested that the building society account be closed and the monies transferred into the bank account. This was rejected because the Auditor suggested that the BBS would be 'closing down shortly' and so the Club would gain more by way of a 'shareout'. Officials elected.. Captain D Richardson, Vice Captain I Lund. All other officials were re elected en bloc. I Lund was also welcomed onto the Management Committee in place of L Lund (who had died very recently). Tribute was paid to him by all present - someone who had played for and served the Club for over 50 years. The tea ladies (Mrs Hewson, Mrs Sharp and Mrs Brown) were thanked for their services. Practice during 1974 was to be held on Wednesday nights.

12.2.75 General Meeting 

11 present. It was agreed to form a Junior team for 1975. Messrs K Schofield, K Hewson, C Sharp, D Richardson and N Senior would all help run the team. The Club was to apply to the Playing Fields Association for a grant to help with tackle etc for them. It was suggested that all members should sell 'Tote Pool' tickets to gain funds for the Club - and if not then they should be prepared to pay more in yearly subscriptions etc. This was rejected by the members. As a consequence subscriptions were raised to £2 per player each year. Fixture lists would be printed by M Shearman. K Hewson would purchase a diesel tractor (cost £50) - which would be cheaper to run than the petrol one the Club had. The old one was to be sold to D Brown.

13.4.75 Annual General Meeting 

7 present. The Financial situation was declared 'quite favourable' - £411 in the two accounts. The Club had been made to pay rates by the Wakefield MDC. Pressure on that Council had successfully reduced said rates by 50% - so that the fee in 1974 was reallocated to be £19 and then would be £24 for 1975. It was also hoped that West Bretton Parish Council might reduce those rates by perhaps another 25%. N Sharp (Chairman of the West Bretton Institute) had suggested the Club have a representative on its Committee - but this was rejected by members of the Club. Officials elected.. Vice Presidents - messrs Atkinson, Beanland, Chatterton, Cotterill, Golding, Ellis, Heathcote, Harris, Hoyland, Smith, Matthews and Dr Davies. Management Committee.. messrs Oddie, Beanland, Lund (W), Lund (I), Hewson, Richardson (G), Richardson (D), Senior, Middleton, Sharp and Shearman. Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain I Lund.

5.4.76 Annual General Meeting 

8 present. It was agreed that all monies currently in the Barnsley Building and Land Society should be transferred to the Halifax Building Society - which was giving more interest. All Officials were elected en bloc. Captain I Lund, Vice Captain K Hewson. Practice nights were to be Tuesdays in 1976. The Junior team was to carry on in the coming season. Thanks were given again for Mrs Hewson and her lady friend - who had provided excellent teas.

17.4.77 Annual General Meeting

12 present. There was a 'very favourable' financial report. Officials as previous. Also Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain K Schofield and Umpire M Lees. The Junior team was again in the Huddersfield and District League for 1977. The Tea Ladies were again praised for their services last season. The Pavilion wooden floor would be replaced shortly with 'rubble and concrete'.

20.4.78 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. The Balance Sheet was 'accepted'. ME Atkinson accepted as a new Vice President. New Chairman was N Senior. Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain G Findley. All members were again grateful to Mrs Hewson and Mrs Brown for preparing and selling teas, raffles etc.- a profit being made - 'which these days is very difficult'. Repairs to the Pavilion floor had been made by K Hewson and W Lund - at no cost to the club.

19.4.79 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. The Financial Report was deemed 'very satisfactory'. Captain was D Richardson, Vice Captain I Tissington. S Knowles was welcomed onto the Management Committee and M Goodwin onto the Selection Committee. Subscriptions were raised to £2.50. Practice night to be Thursdays in 1979. The Tea Room was to be painted by members. The tea ladies were thanked for their efforts.

10.4.80 Annual General Meeting 

8 present. The Balance Sheet and overall Financial position was 'very satisfactory'. With G Richardson retiring from his place of work he could no longer sell raffle tickets there - so was thanked by all members for his money raising over the years. Yearly Subscriptions were raised to £4. Player's Insurance was now £12 per annum. Officials were as before. Captain D Richardson, Vice Captain K Hewson. The death of FW Middleton was reported - a club stalwart who would be sorely missed. A new Trustee would therefore have to be elected - and it was G Richardson. Mrs Hewson again thanked for doing the teas all last season. Practice would be on Thursday's.

9.4.81 Annual General Meeting 

12 present. The Balance Sheet was 'accepted'. Officials for the coming season.. were the same as last year. Also.. Captain K Hewson, Vice Captain S Knowles. League Representative.. 'no one interested'. Match subscriptions were to be 50p per player. Mrs Hewson's teas were voted 'as good as ever'. W Lund gave notice that a new 'younger' Secretary would be needed for 1982.

1.4.82 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. G Richardson was appointed Chairman. Great thanks were given to W Lund - who had retired as Secretary of the Club. He would, however, continue as Groundsman and 'custodian of the Club tackle'. A 'healthy' balance sheet was reported - a profit of £103 being made (although no new tackle had been purchased in the year). Officials were the same as, plus.. B Hanson replaced D Brown on the Management Committee, S Knowles replaced WT Lund as Secretary and I Lund became Treasurer, replacing D Richardson. Captain was B Hanson, Vice Captain S Knowles. A pool of 5 players were appointed to oversee League Representation of the Club. The large raffle (towards the end of the season) was retained plus match day raffles 'if conditions suited'. £100 was to be set aside for purchasing cricket tackle during the season. It was agreed to, if possible, secure cheaper cricket Insurance for the Club. G Richardson was to investigate. The NCB announced that possible subsidence could again occur at the ground if they went ahead and mined directly underneath (as planned for 1983). If that happened then an alternative playing site would be sought - plus a claim for compensation would take place. Practice was again to be held on Thursday nights.

3.3.83 Annual General Meeting 

17 present. A proper 'logging in of members details' was proposed by the Secretary. Sheets were handed out to be filled in and returned accordingly. A loss of £108 was made during 1982. The state of the Club's finances meant that savings would have to be made somehow in 1983. Officials appointed were as before, plus.. R Hateley was added to the list of Vice Presidents, B Whitehead and B Hanson became League Representatives and C Kelly was added to the Management Committee. A list was to be compiled of players who knew they would be missing a match - so that the Club was made fully aware in advance. This would be written down and posted in the pavilion. Prospective Sunday friendly fixtures were shelved. Subscriptions were raised to £1 per player 'signing on fee' (yearly subs) plus 55p per match. P Hill, the manager of the THF Ossett Hotel, agreed to sponsor the Club for £100. The possibility of Winter Nets was raised and would be looked into during the summer. A match day rota of chores was to begin during 1983 (captain's responsibility). A Club dinner was to be reincarnated (B Hanson and P Hill to organise). I Lund noted that, hopefully, the Club had avoided any NCB subsidence. The possibility was mentioned by the Secretary that team photos and also of individuals might take place during 1983. Club Trophies were discussed - the 'catching' would be replaced by a 'best fielder' award. A Club rule was altered slightly - so that the AGM could take place any time after February in each year. £1 was to be given to any Club Representatives at League Meetings to cover the cost of motoring. Also, likewise, to the Treasurer and Secretary regarding use of telephone or stationery during a season. Club Awards were handed out to the winners (again, kindly donated by WM Oddie). D Essex also won the HCCL prize for catching and came second in the league batting averages. Boxes of chocolates were to be given to the 2 tea ladies (Mrs Hewson and Mrs Swift). Volunteers would be sought to 'paint the pavilion'. WT Lund, ex player, secretary, treasurer and current Club Trustee and groundsman, was presented with a watch by the Club for all his many efforts over the years. 'Well done Billy Lund'. The heavy motorised roller needed some attention and finally anyone 'scoring' during a match would be 'isolated' - so as to avoid distraction. S Goulding was welcomed as a new member.

1.3.84 Annual General Meeting 

12 present. A profit of £33 was made during 1983. Officials were as before, plus C Kelly was made Chairman and D Essex became Vice Captain. Subscriptions were raised to £3 per year - whilst match fees went up to 60p. An end of season raffle would take place - plus a range of 'instant' tickets would be sold throughout the season by members. A Club dinner was to take place at the end of 1984. Members were to meet at the club on 11.3. to do various tasks. A stray cricket ball had hit a stationary car during the summer and so was in the hands of the Club Solicitor. No NCB subsidence had affected WBCC during the previous twelve months. The Yorkshire Ladies cricket team might hire the ground for a game in 1984. It was hoped that more playing members could be 'enticed to the Club' during 1984.

7.3.85 Annual General Meeting 

13 present. A loss of £1 had occurred in 1984. Officials were mostly re-appointed en bloc. Also a Mr Slinger would be approached to become a Vice President, Captain B Hanson, Vice Captain S Barnes. Subscriptions were raised to £5 per year plus match fees of £1 each. Sponsorship was discussed - S Barnes was to approach a number of local hoteliers etc and report back during the summer. The previous Winter Nets had proved a success - held at Darton HS Kexbrough - and it was hoped to repeat the process during 1985/86. Mrs Swift was thanked for doing teas over a number of years - and now members would have to do them by rota in 1985. Cost of them would rise to 60p each. A Club dinner would be organised for the autumn of 1985. Awards were made to average winners etc. c/o Mr WM Oddie. It was hoped that everyone would help with ground maintenance both before and during the season. I Lund was to compile a list of any new tackle required and was authorised to purchase accordingly. D Swift would continue to score for the Club at weekends. M Mountain was welcomed as a new member.

13.3.86 Annual General Meeting 

11 present. A profit of £93 had been made the previous season (1985). Finances were deemed 'satisfactory'. Officials...C Kelly Chairman, K Hewson was added to the Vice President list, Captain S Barnes, Vice Captain G Parker. K Hewson replaced B Hoyland (who had died during the winter) on the Management Committee. He had done much for the Club over many years. Match fees would rise to £1.10p. Club Scorer was now to be paid £2 per match. The 1985/86 Winter Nets had to be cancelled half way through due to a lack of interest. Thanks were given to S Knowles for previously arranging these nets. Subsidence had shown itself again recently - and the NCB would be spending approximately £2000 during the next year to correct the situation. Last Winter a 'members night out' had taken place - which was very successful; it was hoped to repeat the same at the end of 1986. Club Awards were handed out - Mr Oddie being thanked once more for providing them. In honour of B Hoyland a new trophy was to be instigated for 1986 - the 'Bob Hoyland Player of the Year Trophy'. The winner was to be voted on by all players at the Club. All to attend on 6.4 to do work on the ground. A regular 'match day raffle' would take place during 1986. Each player in turn arranging the prizes and selling the tickets at the tea interval. S Knowles would arrange a rota for the coming season.

29.3.87 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. A profit of £37 was made in 1986. Officials were as usual plus.. a new Club President K Hewson, Chairman S Knowles, Dr J Taylor was added to the list of Vice Presidents, Treasurer S Barnes, Captain S Knowles, Vice Captain J Barnes. Subscriptions were upped to £7 per year plus a £1 match fee. The match day raffle would be kept (it had produced £60 profit during last season). Mrs Hewson would help with the teas whilst T Swift (who worked at Lyons Bakery Ltd) would provide all cakes. Practice night was set for Wednesdays in future. The NCB work on the ground was almost at an end - satisfactorily. The cricket wicket would, it was hoped, become better for batting in future. S Goulding was to provide a new battery for the mechanical roller. Club Awards were , once again, given out by the retiring WM Oddie. It was agreed that, in future, the Club (instead of WM Oddie) would provide Club Trophies to players. Mr Oddie was thanked for all his efforts for WBCC over many years. He was to remain on the Management Committee and also remain as a Club Trustee. An end of season friendly against the West Bretton Bowling Club (playing both cricket and bowls) was a resounding success.

20.3.88 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. Finances showed that a loss of £46 had occured in 1987. Further Vice Presidents accepted were I Lund and S Barnes. Captain was S Barnes, Vice Captain K Hewson. The whole status and relevence of the Management Committee was discussed. It's role was to be redefined in a subsequent meeting. Subscription was set at £7 per year plus a £1.20 match fee. Cricket practice was to be on Tuesdays. Club Awards were presented (by Club President K Hewson). Thanks were extended to Mrs Hewson and Mrs Swift for teas. The end of season friendly versus the Bowling Club was well received by all (plus £30 was raised as well). Regarding Sponsorship - the Secretary would write to a number of local firms and residents to try to gain financial support for the Club. It was confirmed that if a 'Club crisis' arose then the Trustees would meet together. Finally, another meeting was hastily arranged regarding the future role of the Management Committee

31.3.88 Committee Meeting 

6 present. The idea of the meeting was to re define and recommence the activities of the Management Committee on a regular basis. It was noted that.. the Trustees were the Club's landlord's and that.. the Management Committee was responsible for the day to day running of the Club. It was noted that gradually there had been less and less participation taking place at the Club with Bretton Villagers. It was hoped that by encouraging villagers to become e.g. Vice Presidents or general sponsors of the Club that the situation would improve. Current Management Committee members were as follows.. K Hewson, G Richardson, N Senior, R George, WT Lund, I Lund and WM Oddie (all residents) plus C Kelly, S Knowles, S Barnes and T Swift (B Hanson had been removed plus R George and T Swift added). Current Vice Presidents were Dr J Taylor, P Cotterill, LV Matthews, H Ellis, C Russell-Smith and G Richardson. A figure of at least 20 Vice Presidents was required in future, if possible, plus more external sponsorship. WM Oddie would contact as many VP's and would be VP's as possible. Potential (or soon to be confirmed) VP's were N Sharp, WM Oddie, T Swift, C Hoyland, J Green, I Lund, S Barnes, J Brearton, R George, P Platt, C Goss, Dr J Davies and S Knowles. WM Oddie to secure a fixture list for the coming season , showing current patrons, VP's etc - to help the image of the Club. K Hewson was to replace J Beanland (who had died recently) as a Club Trustee. Club Trustee's were to be, therefore, WM Oddie, G Richardson, WT Lund and K Hewson. WM Oddie offered the use of his house to the Management Committee for future meetings. Also, R George offered the use of Bretton College likewise. It was agreed that the Management Committee would meet monthly in future.

29.9.88 Committee Meeting 

6 present. T Swift brought a Club team photo - and orders were to be taken. It was confirmed that the one remaining player not paying his yearly subs be reminded (again). The £7 would have to be paid - otherwise he would not play again for WBCC. The HCC League would have to be notified shortly. Help for WT Lund with the wicket was promised. It was agreed to sell the cricket club cradle (to Thurstonland CC if they offered enough). The Annual dinner was postponed until next Spring. Meanwhile, a player's night out was to be held on 3.11. in a local pub.

26.1.89 Committee Meeting 

5 present. Bretton's long time umpire M Lees had announced that he could no longer perform this duty as a result of the onset of arthritis. Suitable adverts for a new umpire were to be placed in local newspapers. The HCC League would be contacted shortly over the non payment of subs by the player referred to in previous meetings. Work on the ground had taken place during the Autumn - mainly by K Hewson, I Lund, T Swift and S Knowles. It was hoped that the MSC project would ensure the painting, inside and out, of all WBCC buildings. S Knowles, Secretary, announced he would be standing down next year.

23.2.89 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. Financially the Club was doing well - with income up in most areas - resulting in a profit of £470 on a turnover of (for the first time) over £1,000. League fines and Insurance had, however, risen steeply. Officials... there were now 18 Vice Presidents (almost the target for the year) and 11 on the Management Committee. S Knowles was thanked for his efforts during his time in office as Secretary. A new one would be announced shortly. New Treasurer was S Barnes, Captain K Hewson and Vice Captain S Knowles. New Umpire and League Representative would be P Houldsworth - and his expenses/ fees would be £5.50 per game plus £1.50 per League Meeting attended. Regular meetings of the reformed Management Committee had resulted in a better organised Club plus extra income. R George and WM Oddie were thanked for all their efforts during 1988. Match fees would be £1.20 and yearly subs £7. Match day raffles had also been a success. Some sponsorship had been gained - though Lyons Bakery Ltd had decided not to sponsor the Club just yet. It was announced that the MSC labour project had actually fallen through and so no help could be expected from that quarter in the foreseable future. However, Club members had fixed the Tractor shed roof plus created a covering for the outside toilet. More work was neccessary and so members would meet again at the Club on 11.3. K Hewson presented the Club awards and was thanked for his patronage. Bretton Parish Council would be approached to try to secure a grant regarding 'ground improvements'.

31.8.89 Committee Meeting 

6 present. The one remaining 'unpaid' player had now paid up (and left the Club). It was suggested that, because we no longer had any hope of outside help with finance, we should ourselves determine how much work (and money) was needed - and then to raise it accordingly. J Green had suggested that he build a wall at the back of the Club's main buildings and his garden. The possibility of extending the ground bordering WM Oddie's land was discussed. Finances were sound - £1727 at the bank. An indoor bowls match against the Bowling Club would take place on 24.9. 

28.9.89 Committee Meeting 

6 present. Ground Improvements were discussed. Assuming WM Oddie would agree to transfer over a strip of land to the Club the cost of new fencing (from J Earnshaw's) would be approx £900 inc labour (for a 150 metre stretch). Cost's would be split £300 (Mr Oddie) and £600 (the Club). The donation of this land would make the ground more circular. P Houldsworth would not be umpiring for the Club in 1990, therefore adverts would be placed in the local press. A player's night out was to be arranged for 17.11. at the 'George' in Flockton - club awards to be handed out on the night.

4.4.90 Annual General Meeting 

9 present. S Barnes Chairman. The death of Mrs Hewson was announced. She had, like her husband, served the Club marvellously over the years. A Parish Council grant had been received at the Club. Officials.. President K Hewson, Vice Presidents and Management Committee as per the previous year, Auditor G Richardson, Treasurer I Lund, Secretary S Barnes, Captain S Knowles and Vice Captain T Swift. A profit of £419 had been made during 1989 - club funds now totalling £1998. Subscriptions were to be £10 per year plus a £1.55 match day fee. A grant application for £600 would be submitted to the Bretton Parish Council - being the cost of the new fence to be erected. I Lund and WT Lund were thanked for their work done on the 'new land' the Club had been given by Mr Oddie. He had agreed to convey the land over to the Club under the same terms as the Club's existing land (Covenant regarding recreational use etc). Technically the fence would belong to WM Oddie (who was also thanked for his generosity). The possibility of a new Pavilion was discussed.

6.9.90 Committee Meeting 

Club Umpire - there had still been no one to do the job. Net cost to the Club would be approximately £150 in fines if none could be found. A Club friendly (involving cricket and bowls) would take place on 23.9. against the Bowling Club. A Mr C Carr (at the behest of WM Oddie) had done a survey on the ground and R George reported that he would have the results within 10 days. Potential sources of funds to pay for any work to be done on the Pavilion were discussed. The Club would shortly approach certain individuals, companies, the West Bretton Parish Council, the National Cricket Association plus charitable institutions. The present financial situation at the Club was £2045.95. Just one player had failed to pay yearly subs and would be reminded

19.3.91 Annual General Meeting 

10 present. Officials.. R Kefford, M Atkinson and R Hateley would be approached for confirmation of Vice President status. C Russell-Smith and C Hoyland were removed from the list. S Barnes announced he would be leaving shortly to live in London, therefore a new Secretary would be needed in the near future. Captain K Hewson (later altered to M Day), Vice Captain S Knowles, Management Committee was as per previous year. Accounts showed the Club had £1900 in funds. Teas would cost £1 each for 1991 - and whoever did them would provide all food 'free of charge'. It was announced that WT Lund would no longer be able to devote as much time to preparing the ground. K and I Hewson plus T Swift agreed to do more work to help out. The extra portion of land from WM Oddie had not yet 'gone through' therefore his solicitor was being sought. K Hewson presented the Club awards. Practice nights would be Thursday. M Day (ex Woolley Colliery CC) would be interested in playing for the Club in 1991. Scorers fees were raised to £3.50 per match.

13.8.91 Committee Meeting 

6 present. R George would be 'minute secretary' and S Knowles 'match secretary'. Parking restrictions at the Club and outside were discussed. The Wakefield MDC were to be approached regarding permits. The Sports Council were to be approached regarding a grant for ground refurbishment. The demise of Lyons Bakery CC (near Barnsley) was reported. The Club would contact them offering to discuss the possibility of WBCC creating a 2nd team on Saturdays plus a Sunday side as well - containing a number of ex Lyons players. Demotion was almost a certainty at this stage in the season - so this would give an opportunity for the Club to restructure and rebuild. Thanks were given to T Swift - who had umpired all season. I Lund would purchase any new kit required (value £250).

10.9.91 Committee Meeting 

6 present. C Jones joined the Management Committee, along with M Day. Club funds were £2181. It was announced that Lyons Bakery CC had all but agreed to join up with Darton CC for 1992 and that the Club was in communication with the Sports Council and the WMDC. A Club 2nd team was suggested and agreed upon.

15.10.91 Committee Meeting 

6 present. J Brearton would join the Management Committee shortly. The HCC League had agreed to look at the possiblity that Bretton might enter a 2nd team during 1992. The WMDC had confirmed that 15 parking permits would be supplied to the Club for next season 1992 (regarding parking outside the ground on Park Lane). A quote for repairs to the Pavilion had been submitted by a Mr Shillito - and so it was decided to 'make the building sound' during 1991-92. Depending on the results of the application for a grant to the Sports Council further substantial work would be done in 1992-93. C Jones had offered to paint the pavilion.

19.11.91 Committee Meeting 

9 present. The HCCL could not accept the WBCC offer to field a 2nd team during 1992. The Club would re apply for 1993. Meanwhile, they had applied to the Barnsley Sunday League for inclusion of a team during 1992. It was announced that funding from both the Sports Council and the WMDC would not be forthcoming (after a meeting between both of them and R George recently). This was because basically, the Club had only one team, was not in a deprived area and had no youth policy as such. Instead, an application for a one off grant to aid pavilion replacement was to be made to the Foundation for the Sports and Arts during the winter. It was suggested that the 'Covenant of Capital Assets of the ground and pavilion' be formally transferred to the Club Trustees (on behalf of the WBCC and residents of the West Bretton Village).

18.12.91 Committee Meeting 

6 present. The Club's Sunday team had been accepted into the Barnsley League for 1992. Details were to be sent to that League shortly. K Hewson had joined the Trustees of the Club. They would meet urgently to formally achieve... a Board of Trustees - independent of the Club's Committee of Management; plus ensure that all Trustee members were... 'responsible for ensuring the security of the cricket field in perpetuity, and in the case of the Club's failure, its use by the villagers of West Bretton for recreational purposes only'.


There were at least 8 Committee Meetings held throughout the year. The 1991 financial year saw a profit of £100 on turnover of receipts (£981 - including £109 for the hire of the ground plus £363 received from Vice Presidents) v payments (£881 - including £175 on Insurance plus £149 spent on new cricket tackle).

5.2.92 Committee Meeting 

6 present. It was agreed that the programme of ground and pavilion refurbishment would take place. Secretary R George would submit applications to the Sports and Arts Commission and Wakefield MDC. WMDC had also confirmed the option of an allocation of parking permits (for along Park Lane).

27.5.92 Committee Meeting 

6 present. £1478 was in the bank account. The Club 2nd team would apply for membership of the HCCL (for 1993). An amount of £500 was accepted from LV Matthews as payment for holding a wedding reception on the ground (date set :15.8.). The Club application details for a grant were accepted. The Trustees had met and their terms of reference fully discussed.

4.7.92 General Meeting 

8 present. This passed the new Club Rule 23 - which confirmed that in the event of the Club no longer existing the ground and buildings would remain in trust for the benefit of the inhabitants of West Bretton Village. It was also resolved that this rule would 'not be capable of repeal or alteration'.

29.7.92 Committee Meeting 

8 present. It was agreed to hold parking permits in the pavilion and present them as required. The wedding day reception, to be held on the ground on 15.8., would involve a large marquee plus car parking plus a helicopter landing site. The actual cricket square would be suitably 'roped off '. An announcement was made of the Trustee's recommendations (made at their recent meeting). Trustees WT Lund and WM Oddie would retire and their replacements would be I Lund and N Senior. Work on the pavilion would commence in the Autumn of 1992. Work needed for the relaying of the square would start in September 1992 (at a cost of approximately £400). A new mower would be purchased shortly for a further £500. The Sunday side and Saturday side would meet in a friendly at the end of the season - with an evening of socialising afterwards.

26.8.92 Committee Meeting 

7 present. The Club would contact any Vice Presidents and players who had not yet paid their dues. Correspondence received from solicitors Greaves, Atter and Beaumont had confirmed that the 'Reconstitution of the Board of Trustees and Declaration of Trust' could now proceed. Both captains announced progress being made by both teams - but that with so many games taking place inevitably the result was a strain on all playing facilities.

24.2.93 Committee Meeting 

7 present. A meeting had taken place between the Club and WB Parish Council regarding safe parking in Park Lane. Trustees - it was reported that the 'declaration of trust adopting rule 23' had been completed and returned to the Club's solicitors. Some £1200 was held in 2 separate bank accounts. This was deemed unsatisfactory and so the Treasurer would seek sponsorship of £450 toward the cost of new gang mowers bought in late 1992. Also the Club Captain would run a large fund raising event during the 1993 summer. It was noted that only half of the square had been dug up and totally replanted etc in September 1992 and so the other half would be actioned likewise in autumn 1993. It was recognised that no work could be done on the pavilion until it was clear whether the Club would be gaining any suitable grants. The Club 2nd team had been accepted into the HCCL for the 1993 season.

17.3.93 Annual General Meeting 

Receipts of £1913 less expenses of £2618 meant that the Club made a loss of £705 in 1992. Donations plus Vice Presidents raised in total £725 - whilst gang mowers plus new cricket equipment cost in total £1272, with field maintenance being a further £331.

21.4.93 Committee Meeting 

Apart from the Committee members, it was passed that all captains plus B Smalley and S Long should also attend all Committee Meetings. Progress made in the grant applications was discussed. Due to a misunderstanding with the Sunday side regarding the 'filing of their accounts' it was agreed that all 3 sides would liaise with the treasurer on a monthly basis from now on. Match fees would be increased to £2.50 per game (these fees to include the yearly subscription). Bretton Hall College had twice already helped out the Club by cutting the outfield. It was agreed that the Club's first team would have priority for players in team selection at all times.

21.7.93 Committee Meeting 

£1448 was present in the Club's accounts. Club captain M Day reported that plans for the final half of the square's renewal were going well (and would mainly take place in Sept/Oct 1993).

11.8.93 Extraordinary Combined Meeting of the Board of Trustees and the Committee of Management 

Further fund raising would include all members 'taking' a Vice Presidency role until the end of the season (creating extra income of £10 per member). Also, B Smalley would organise an end of season Club night (6.10.). An offer of financial support from the Society for Sports and Arts (for pavilion refurbishment only) had been accepted by the Club. Details were discussed. A revised building developement proposal from B Smalley was received and accepted by the Club. This work would all be done within the confines and conditions laid down by the SSA. At an autumn meeting with the Committee B Smalley and his co-ordination team would convey the final developement plans - all ready to be actioned.

29.9.93 Committee Meeting 

The Club had created a separate account solely to be used for grant aid cash and building expenses etc. Club awards would be presented by K Hewson at the October Club function. Final drawings and official plans had been drawn up by B Smalley's team and these would be shortly used to gain planning permission from the local council. Site meetings with the council would be neccessary. Also the plans would be informally discussed with all local residents plus the WB Parish Council. B Smalley and I Lund would act as project managers on behalf of the Club. It was confirmed that the relaying of the second half of the square would mean that it would only be available to use from August 1994 at earliest.

2.3.94 Committee Meeting 

Planning consent had been given for the Club's pavilion refurbishment. B Smalley would organise working parties / schedules etc.The Building Group would meet on 30.3 to review progress of the build. Prospective funding originating from a local trust was reported. If it came to fruition then the new pavilion would bear the trust's name. J.Earnshaws would complete the refurbishment by building a new veranda on the pavilion frontage.

2.4.94 Annual General Meeting 

Receipts of £2636 less expenses of £3073 resulted in a loss of £437 during 1993.Vice Presidents plus the gang mower appeal plus donations totalled £976. Field & Pavilion maintenance plus gang mower expense totalled some £1643.

4.5.94 Committee Meeting 

The meeting acknowledged the need to re assess the value of the pavilion for insurance purposes in light of it's recent reconstruction. All residual monies from the 'Building' account had now been committed in full. The new car parking lot would require other funding. The whole of the Building Project was reviewed and special votes of thanks were extended to B Smalley and his team. Final completion would take place in 8 weeks time. A formal function would therefore be organised to take place in early July. All sponsors would be invited, along with representatives of the Foundation for Sports and Arts plus the Bramley Trust. A new Club position of 'Vice Chairman and Chairman of House' was created - the first incumbent being B Smalley.

15.6.94 Committee Meeting 

An official opening date for the pavilion would be Saturday 3.9. at a friendly match against the Old Snydale Village CC. There would still be much to complete leading up to that date. The whole of the newly laid square would require further attention at season's end - plus money spent on it. A fresh need to attract further players was recognised

21.9.94 Committee Meeting 

A request had been made to Bretton Parish Council for a grant of £200 (towards new gates). Club funds totalled £1028. Replacement of a damaged toilet plus guttering and drainage were to be priorities during Autumn 1994. A hot water system plus showers would be installed early in the new year. A bonfire night celebration would be held (4.11.). It was felt that the AGM was usually held too late to be of benefit to Club members and Club dynamics therefore a re-scheduling would take place. This would neccessitate an alteration to Club Rules and would mean the Club's financial year would therefore have to become one ending on the 30.9 of each year - with an AGM during probably November of each year. An official proposal would have to be voted upon at the next AGM. The Sunday side captain F Gibson suggested the team move from the Barnsley League to the Wakefield Union League commencing 1995 (mainly to cut down travelling). Views of players would be sought. It was noted that the opening of the new 'Bramley Pavilion' had been a great success and that the building had already enhanced the atmosphere and spirit at the Club. Also the new cricket square was recognised as being of outstanding quality. Finally, all three teams had demonstrated improved standards during the 1994 season 

19.10.94 Committee Meeting 

£200 had been received from the Bretton Parish Council. A working party would convene on the 29.10. to complete all outstanding work to conclude the year. Bretton Hall College were thanked for work they had undertaken on behalf of the Club - particularly on the tarmacing of the car park. A video tape of the opening of the pavilion would be made available to all shortly. It was officially agreed for the Sunday side to apply for membership to the Wakefield League (for 1995) and the application would be forwarded immediately. Club awards would be presented at the function arranged for 4.11.

1.2.95 Committee Meeting 

£817 was currently in the Club account. An early April function would be arranged to raise funds. A funding application under the National Lottery scheme was to be instigated. Alterations to Club Rules 11 & 17 were endorsed. The Wakefield Sunday League had agreed to the Club's Sunday team joining them for 1995.The possibility of a Club bar facility was suggested. It was noted that approximately £950 would have to be raised extra to normal income (to finance the Club's expansion plans).

2.3.95 Annual General Meeting 

Income generation of £2546 less expenses of £2235 resulted in a profit of £311 being made in 1994. Subscriptions were up substantially on the previous year - while the pavilion opening had realised a profit of £402. Insurance had risen to £494 per year.

12.4.95 Committee Meeting 

Discipline posters would be displayed at the ground. The whole area of discipline would be discussed fully at a future meeting. £750 was in the bank. Subs were to be £5 per player. It was agreed to actively seek representative games to be held at the Club - to benefit the Club financially and to boost awareness. A working party would be organised for early season tasks around the ground.

10.5.95 Committee Meeting 

Net practice had been well attended. The mid week team was a success - although points were raised regarding selection etc. J Earnshaws were granted the ground and facilities for the 19.5. A Bar Committee was created to properly oversee the bar area and it's funds. M Day announced he was spending up to 7 days a week on the ground and would like some help. N Walker would organise. Club caps and sweaters would be made available to the membership.

5.7.95 Committee Meeting 

£1200 was held on deposit at the bank. The Club had been offered a Wakefield League final on 17.9. - to be confirmed. A HCL League semi-final game had also been granted to the Club (16.7). All captains were happy with their team's performances - morale good and new players welcomed.

9.8.95 Committee Meeting 

A number of disciplinary matters had arisen regarding Bretton players. A new code of conduct would therefore be created. All current Bretton players themselves had had a meeting together the week before. They had decided that performing match day tasks would be helped by listing them so that they all then knew what to do. A friendly was to be organised for 2.9 - WBCC Upstarts versus WBCC Old Farts.

15.2.96 Committee Meeting 

N Walker was welcomed as the new Club Treasurer. All finances would go into the one bank account. £1329 present in Club funds. N Walker was appointed Captain of the Friendly side - with P Sharp being made Vice Captain. Licensing of the Club was going satisfactorily. Costs would be approximately £1000 - but £450 had already been pledged by members (in the form of 'bonds'). A fund raising Committee was created - headed by P Sharp and E Kingston. 

14.3.96 General Meeting 

Members voted for certain rule changes (needed to back up the Club's application for a bar license). A new set of Club Rules had been drawn up and were voted as satisfactory. Various 'task groups' were set up - including those regarding estate, social, coaching & training, selection, discipline, policy, finance & fund raising.

11.4.96 Committee Meeting 

The license to sell alcohol on the Club's premises had been agreed and the Club Chairman in particular was thanked for all his efforts. Sunday 21.4 would be a 'jobbing' day at the Club for all members. Quotes from various breweries would be sought. A cooler for the bar area (costing £150) had been purchased. B Smalley had resigned from the Committee of Management.

12.8.96 Committee Meeting

£100 sponsorship had been received for the new mower. The new bar Committee consisted of P Sharp, N Walker, J Brearton, B Smalley & M Day. The balance in the Club account was £1642.Three members had still not paid their subscriptions. A new Disciplinary Code & Procedure was adopted. A number of disciplinary problems were dealt with. A large photo of 'Dickie' Bird was presented to the Club. P Sharp resigned from the Club. He was, however, persuaded to continue running the bar area. A profit of £641 had been made during 1995. It was hoped that future takings from the bar would contribute significantly to the financial position of the Club.

5.2.97 General Planning Committee Meeting 

4 present. Coaching - It was felt that a proper coaching plan be drawn up and actioned - S Hoyle would co-ordinate with members. Concerns were expressed over the workings of the bar area - B Smalley would investigate and report. A potential rodent problem in the pavilion would have to be attended to - J Hanks and B Smalley would sort. The Club's Public Liability Insurance would have to be checked out diligently - M Day would action.

16.4.97 Committee Meeting 

11 present. Pest control and other pavilion maintenance had been actioned. Scorers fees would remain at £7.50 per game. The Bar Committee had agreed to open a separate bank account. Loans made to that account would be repaid asap. Monthly cheques to the Club's General account would be made (if it's balance exceeded £400). A regular report would be made to the Club's Committee. G Shuttleworth and D Vasey had left the Club - D Wood had rejoined. J Garner had organised approximately 13 friendly fixtures for 1997.

14.5.97 Committee Meeting 

8 present. R George agreed with a proposal by S Knowles to pull together areas of prospective funding. The WB Parish Council had given the Club a cheque for £150 towards re benching the ground. A financial model to help the Club's finances (produced by R George and J Brearton) had been accepted by the Club.

16.7.97 Committee Meeting 

13 present. A poor financial position was reported. Funding applications would continue (S Knowles). All captains were generally happy with their teams. Two social events had been organised (one in August and one in September).

20.8.97 Committee Meeting 

11 present. Insurance cover was now settled. Unpaid subscriptions - were now resolved. N Walker had stepped down as Treasurer - R Lever took over (until the AGM). A break in had occurred at the Club (£100 taken). S Knowles would shortly send applications for funding (£3400 applied for - covering security, showers and heating). The First and Second teams were going well - but the Sunday team were unhappy with a lack of fixtures etc.

28.1.98 Committee Meeting 

6 present. The Club had approximately £1500 in the bank. The Club's umpire had stopped - another one was to be recruited. Bretton had entered the National Village Knock Out Cup and had drawn Thorpe Hesley. S Knowles would organise the Club's presentation night. The Bar Committee would continue as before.

18.2.98 Committee Meeting 

9 present. Match fees would remain at £3 per player - whilst Annual subs would rise to £10 per player. S Knowles had tried to organise a Club Dinner but it had to be cancelled due to a lack of demand. As a result of damage to a local residents property it had been decided that all future 'friendly' fixtures would have to take place on the bottom most wicket at all times. S Knowles announced he had secured some sponsorship for the Club.

18.3.98 Committee Meeting 

6 present. Funding Applications totalling approximately £9,000 were now complete and details would be given at a later date. A Working party had recently started on the ground.

15.4.98 Committee Meeting 

11 present. R Lever was to co-ordinate any sponsorship and commercial opportunities in the area for the Club. The Club had secured a 5 year extension to it's bar license. A court appearance had been neccessary for this to have taken place. A sign was to be placed around the ground asking for volunteer umpires for anybody not having a game on any given weekend during 1998. 3 new players were registered for the coming season (plus 2 new Sunday side players). 

13.5.98 Committee Meeting 

11 present. £750 was present in the Club accounts. M Atkinson was accepted as a Trustee - replacing G Richardson. The holder of Club Chairman would always be a member of the Board of Trustees at the Club (it was decided). The current role of the Club Trustees was found to be acceptable (after extended discussion). Playing subs were to be paid by the 1st June of each year - or the person would not be selected to play. Volunteers were needed to do 'teas' at the Club. B Smalley was to present a maintenance schedule regarding all buildings etc. Captains reports...all were satisfied with their start to the season. Some players had yet to be selected though.

31.5.98 Special Meeting 

3 present. An amount of cash had been found to be missing (ex the bar till). The Club's Bar Committee would purchase a safe at some time in the near future and instigate a suitable foolproof procedure for cash collection.